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cheaps1utsavior's Journal

7 March
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I am a Pisces with an Aries moon and Leo rising. I am stubborn but my points are valid. I live in the wretched state of Texas. Dallas to be exact. Don't get me wrong, I honestly like it here, but the weather does get to me. I have many loves. Music is a main love. I have found that it is like that with most people. I enjoy an assortment of music. I wish I was more eclectic that I am in my music tastes, but we cannot have everything. Goth/Industrial, Retro, synthpop, and some deathrock top my list. Reading is a close second to my music. Some of my favorite authors includes Poppy Z. Brite, Oscar Wilde, Marquis De Sade, Jonathan Nasaw, Anne and Christopher Rice, and many many others. I love to learn new things. I soak in as much as I can. I have changed my major it seems every year, from psychology to medieval history, to art history and to forensics. I would love to get in the mind of a serial killer and see what makes them tick. For now, I am done with school other than a class here and there online and Insurance related courses to further my career. I don't like drama. I try to play it low key. I love webdesign (yeah I may need some work), I love hair extentions, making and wearing. Body Art, My sexy Irish boy. I am a perfectionist. I need to be perfect at everything I do. I love to decorate. Shopping is an adiction. Not much gets to me, I am pretty laid back and I happen to speak my mind which gets me in trouble a lot it seems. If I don't like you then you're going to hear about it, and if you say something I don't like, you will know that too. I will talk to almost anyone, and if I find you interesting then I will most likely keep talking to you but if you're a mindless inbred that just likes me because I show my boobs, then you're wasting your time. As far as appearance goes. I am nothing special. I am nothing you have not seen plenty of times before, but nevertheless less I have hundreds of pictures of myself online as well as my web cam. Pretension you say? No... it's just the voyeur in me. =) Not much to me.. I am a pretty basic girl. It seems that everyone online has a stereotype of every person they hate or desire to be.. I have a large amount of "Fans" persay.. and I have a large amount of enemies. I have learned that everyone wants to be someone else.. no one likes who they are. so they find something about someone else that can make them into this wretched person as to make them feel better about themselves and their accomplishments. All it does is make you look weak. make you look like the stereotype

I don't bite. If you would like to be added, just leave me a comment.
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